Editor Testimonials

“Tom’s contributions to Celtic Life International cannot be overstated – his articles are engaging, entertaining and educational - vital and vibrant photography, with writing that is both professional and personable – our readers love his work…”

Angus M. Macquarie - Publisher: Celtic Life International - February 2016

"Tom Langlands has contributed to Celtic Life International magazine for 6 years. During my time as editor, I have enjoyed working with Tom. He is a wonderful photographer and a great writer who commits to providing the best work possible. He takes stunning pictures and his articles are well researched and lovingly crafted. Both his images and words contain warmth and depth. Tom is adaptable, open to other views and respects the editing process. He is a reliable observer of deadlines! Tom's work is very popular with the other staff at Celtic Life International. We all feel he has a special place in the publication."

Carol Moreira - Editor: Celtic Life International - September 2013