Christmas Card Photoshoot for Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre

15th November 2016
A few months ago - in the height of the summer - I was asked to judge the annual photography competition run by the Canine Rescue Centre at Glencaple, Dumfries and Galloway.It was an honour to do so and to see all the wonderful photographs that dog lovers had taken of their beloved pets. Many of these will now feature in the 2017 calendar being published as a result of the competition.

Following on from that I was asked if I would take an image that could be used for one of the centre's 2016 Christmas cards. I had an idea in mind that involved getting a dog looking out of an old style window in a Christmas type of scene. Two things were against me at the time. The first was the glorious summer weather and the second was the fact that I couldn't find a suitable window at the centre. I suggested that if they could bring the dog to my home I had a suitable window in an outhouse in my garden. I checked the possible scene when I got home and quickly realised that the window was exactly what I had in mind but the summer view of my patio certainly wasn't. It was then that I remembered a friend of mine had a Santa Claus outfit. It was duly borrowed and my wife was persuaded to don the outfit.

This is the final image and it is now out as one of this year's Christmas Cards.
If you can please support this very worthwhile charity. The cards can be purchased from any of the centre's shops:- or by contacting the centre direct.