Choirs with Purpose and the Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir

23rd October 2017
Choirs with Purpose is a wonderful music project by James Hawkins Music - It brings together 12 choirs from across the UK - each representing a different cause. Each choir on the album will unite to sing a reworked version of We All Stand Together by Sir Paul McCartney. Individually each choir will sing a song that reflects the specific cause that they represent. All the music will be combined on a Christmas Charity Album that can be pre-ordered at - All the profits from the album will be divided equally amongst the causes that each choir represents.

Lucy Lintott is the youngest sufferer in Scotland with Motor Neurone Disease. I undertook a photoshoot for Celtic Life International with the Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir during their recent recording session in Glasgow. It was a hugely evocative and inspirational day. Many of the images from that shoot can be seen at

I urge anyone reading this to help these amazing causes by pre-ordering a download or a hard copy of the album due out on 15 December.